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Revere Community Committee Meeting Minutes – 2/9/11

Revere Community Committee


Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Revere CARES

Present: Ann Houston, Cat Dodson Goodrich, Carol Tye, Ira Novoselsky, Tom Ke, Richie Leng, Nancy Barile, Kitty Bowman, Danielle Farinato, Orlando Jaquez, Samnang Khoeun.

Welcome and Introductions – not present but sending regrets include Laurie Holmes, Techrosette Leng, Kathleen Heiser, Antonieta Gimeno.

Review of last meeting outcomes:

a.       Community Committee purpose and purview – Committees are where the bulk of the work of the CND Board is done, as meetings operate with a consent agenda for committee recommendations.

  1. Provide direction and guidance to Revere board members
  2. Inform and provide feedback for RND Real Estate, Resident Asset Development, and Community Engagement work in Revere
  3. Provide input for Governance model development
  4. Commission task forces to address pressing neighborhood priorities as needed

b.      Meeting schedule – it was decided that the committee would meet the fourth Wednesday of every other month.  The next meeting will be March 23 at 6 PM.

c.       RND Blog address is — minutes will be emailed to members and also posted on the blog, along with issues or topics for further discussion.

Two CND Board Members from Revere were nominated, Orlando Jaquez and Techrosette Leng, and both were unanimously voted into service!  They committed to attend 10 meetings a year, participate in at least one committee (the Revere Community Committee) and to attend and support events when possible.

  • Orlando is a condo owner on Florence Ave who has lived in Revere for just over three years.  He works in production management at a biotech company in Cambridge, and is very interested in community development and neighborhood revitalization in Revere.  Already, he and his fianceé, Danielle, have shown great investment in CND’s work in the community, attending a kitchen table conversation and CND’s annual meeting.
  • Tech grew up and lives on Shirley Ave and works at East Boston High School, as well as manages adult education programs for Jewish Vocational Services in Boston.  She is interested in urban studies and development, and ways to engage youth in community improvement activities.

Report RND work in Revere

Real Estate

  • 14-16 Nahant is completed and original occupants have returned
  • We await a funding announcement from the governor so that we can begin construction on the 7 units of elderly housing we plan to build in the old fire station.  When the funding is announced, we will plan a joint groundbreaking and ribbon cutting for the two properties.
  • The real estate team is following a couple of possible investments of bundled foreclosed properties from a single owner in the Shirley Ave neighborhood.
  • One piece of work for the committee over the next year will be establishing a plan to target investment along key nodes so that CND can maximize impact in the neighborhood.

Resident Asset Development

  • CND’s VITA program has already served 30 people over just two Saturdays in Revere at the public library
  • Carol Tye shared information about the Sun Initiative with the Boston Commonwealth Capital, which offers foreclosure intervention and assistance.  As CND is tracking foreclosures in Shirley Ave, we might be able to help them identify who is in need of assistance.

Community Engagement

  • We plan to hire a part-time organizer to begin building more neighbor-to-neighbor connections in Revere.  Ideas for places to advertise include:  Revere Journal, Channel 8/Revere TV, Cambodian Journal, the public library (Lorna Frongillo), Job boards at supermarkets, Suffolk University and Salem State.
  • Task Forces may be formed to begin to tackle the community concerns that came out of the kitchen table conversations: trash, parking, a community center, safe parks/green space.  Recycle bank has greatly increased Revere’s recycling rate, but there wasn’t adequate community education with its roll-out.  This could be a good place to start.  Nancy Barile volunteered to get teens from the high school (the recycle club or public service club?) to film a recycling PSA in many languages.
  • Opportunities to collaborate with existing groups – Beachmont Beautification Committee and Revere Beautification group.

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