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Revere Community Committee – Meeting Minutes – 6/22/11

Meeting Agenda

  1. Welcome and Introductions
  2. 525 Beach St. Housing
    1. Comments or questions from May presentation
    2. Hosting a community meeting
    3. Parks
      1. Revere Adopt-a-Park (Cate Blackford)
      2. KaBOOM Park

                                             i.      Update on possible Costa Park Build

                                             ii.      Overview of KaBOOM process

                                             iii.      Next Steps

     3.   Broadening RNDs Network

     4.   Planning 14-16 Nahant/Walden Fire Station Ribbon Cutting



Danielle Farinato, Josh Strazanac (CND staff), Ann Houston (CND staff), Richie Leng, Techrosette Leng (CND board), Carol Tye, Ira Novoselsky, Nancy Barile, Cate Blackford, Kathleen Heiser, Rachel Meketon (CND staff), Kitty Bowman, Orlando Jaquez (CND Board)

525 Beach St. Housing

  • Ann reported that the project is moving forward as technical issues are being taken care of. Suspected lead contamination was found to not exist. She also anticipates the project will have to go through a second round of funding consideration.
  • Meeting of community around project
    • Outreach to the immediate project neighbors needs to happen to honor their stake in development
    • After immediate neighbors are contacted, a community meeting where the neighborhood is invited will solicit opinions and concerns from residents
    • Ira commented that there might be some concern for underground parking and a need for a permit due to “underground storage” of gas
    • Ann reported that there is a special push for the project at 90 Ocean due to interest in developing that site soon. An effort will be made to move the development of that project plan along

Revere Adopt-a-Park

  • Cate explained Revere’s Adopt-a-Park program to the committee: a program that increases youth ownership and investment in parks and playgrounds by funding their pursuit of beautification and maintenance projects with those spaces. Currently funded by Mass Moves though additional funding through Food and Fitness will look to expand the program. With this expansion, the city will be soliciting community input on which projects the program should take up and how to prioritize those proposed sites.
  • Kitty wanted to assure all that, though the current funding source is limited to 6 months, the city has other funding lined up to maintain the Adopt-a-Park program
  • Ann added that, after successful completion of a potential KaBOOM project, the Shirley Ave Gateway Plan would work to identify green spaces, which would be a natural connection with Cate’s group and the Adopt-a-Park program

KaBOOM Park Build

  • Update on KaBOOM phone call
    • Tech and Ira explained that they didn’t know what to expect from the phone call, but it seemed to have gone quite well
    • Explanation of KaBOOM Process
      • Ann explained that KaBOOM is a nonprofit that pairs a corporate funder with a community partner to build a playground and develop the park around it. Generally, it is not just an opportunity to improve physical space, but to build community
      • Ira shared the KaBOOM process: a planning committee is formed that will break up into subcommittees to facilitate every part of the build process. There is a “design day” in which kids and parents are brought together to sit down and discuss what they want their park to be (they will literally give their opinions on what equipment). After planning and design, there is a small prep day, and then the build day in which the entire park goes up in one day with, what is hoped will be, a group of 200 volunteers (100 from the corporate partner, 100 from the community)
      • Next Steps
        • Ann shared the next two steps of the project being: 1) Getting the City and CND to sign the contract (a matter of agreeing to division of responsibilities in contract between City and CND); and 2) Form the Planning Committee by establishing a core group of 7 to 8 members, who will eventually draw in other members to bring the group between 15 and 20.
        • Timeline
          • Planning Committee will meet shortly to conference with KaBOOM and begin planning
          • KaBOOM proposed October 10 for the build day
          • Six weeks before Oct. 10, the design day happens

Broadening RNDs Network

  • Ann and Josh will design a handout to facilitate conversing with residents and other stakeholders
  • Orlando suggested that the committee would stand to benefit from reaching out to business members, and ideally, having a businessperson join the committee

Ribbon Cutting Ceremony for 14/16 Nahant and Walden Fire Station

  • Ann proposed July 7 or 8 or sometime during the week of July 18 during the late afternoon. As a backup, July 21 and 22 will work

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