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Revere Community Committee – Meeting Minutes – 8/17/11

Meeting Agenda

  1. Welcome and Introductions
  2. Costa Park
  3. Real Estate Report
    1. 525 Beach St. Outreach and Community Meeting (8/31)
    2. New Properties
    3. RCC Outreach and Neighbor Circles
    4. Old Business (Groundbreaking)
    5. Next Meeting (9/21)
      1. Review Shirley Ave. Gateway Cities Plan
      2. Report Back on Costa Park


Danielle Farinato, Ann Houston (CND staff), Ira Novoselsky, Cate Blackford, Samnang Kheoun, Kathleen Heiser, Rachel Meketon (CND staff), Kitty Bowman, Orlando Jaquez (CND Board), Mohamed Bensadok, Laurie Holmes

Costa Park Discussion

  • The group listed its goals for the renovation of Costa Park:
    • Safety
    • Increased use
    • Community-building
    • Annexplained that Costa Park measures about 7,000 sq. ft. but KaBOOM could only offer playground equipment to fill 2,500 sq. ft.
      • Cate explained the difficulty and expense of changing equipment once a rubberized surface has been installed. The City expects that equipment will need to be updated soon since a similar park (Louis Pasteur) recently required $10,000 worth of updates (due to rotting wood).
        • Kathleen and Ira suggested that Louis Pasteur is closer to the ocean and may have been damaged by flooding.
  • Ann and Cate explained that the line of playground equipment that the city of Revere uses is more expensive and higher quality than what Kaboom typically uses. It is also easier to remove graffiti and less likely to be vandalized than the Kaboom equipment. The city’s preferred equipment would require fewer volunteers for the installation process (the ‘build day’), which concerns Kaboom.
  • Ann and Cate described the possibility of doing a Phase I renovation of Costa Park in the Fall and a Phase II in the Spring. Phase I would be in partnership with Kaboom and Phase II would be subsidized by CND and city funds, park grants, community fundraising, and other funding sources. Additionally, the rubberized surface could be done in two parts (in accordance with the two phases).
    • Kathleen, Ira and others were concerned that this would result in taking away opportunities for play (before and in between the phases) and possibly upset community members who frequent the park.
    • Mohamed suggested that we put the Kaboom park at the Garfield School, where there’s a small grassy plot of land and a large number of children.
      • Ann responded that the Garfield School is definitely a site for future consideration, but the current Kaboom process only works for our application for Costa Park.
      • Cate added that it would require getting permissions from the schools.
  • Danielle suggested that we postpone the Kaboom build until the Spring when we can be assured of funding sources for the other portion of the park.
    • Ann responded that this Kaboom build can only take place in October.
  • Orlando and Kitty suggested that the park is probably not used as much during the Winter anyway, so it might be fine to reduce the park size temporarily.
  • Rachel showed photos of four Kaboom parks in the Boston area. 8.17.2011 PowerPoint Presentation
  • Kitty presented concerns about funding for Phase II. A new mayor may have new priorities for where funds go.
  • Final suggestions
    • Ann repeated Phase I / Phase II option, or we could look at Garfield again, convene a taskforce, and determine the best green spaces for the community.
    • Orlando reminded the group that they had previously decided that Costa should be the focus for revitalization.
    • The group debated other merits and losses of moving forward with Kaboom:
      • Discouraged by empty half of park
      • Risk of not getting money to fund second half
      • Community fundraising
      • Changing things (maybe for the worse?) for a small amount of money
      • Conclusion: Move forward with Kaboom with the condition that we can design a Kaboom (Phase I) and a Phase II of the park.


New Properties

  • 56-60 Highland
    • Vacant for many years.
    • 33 Centennial
      • Purchased at foreclosure auction.

525 Beach St. Outreach and Community Meeting (8/31)

  • Rachel reported on outreach. Community concerns include management, sunlight, and parking.
  • The community meeting will be held on Wednesday, August 31st at 7 PM in the Carl Hyman Towers (50 Walnut Ave.).

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