Posted by: rmeketon | January 26, 2012

End-of-Year Celebration – RECAP

To be published in the Spring 2012 Neighborhood Developers newsletter:

On December 21st forty Revere residents gathered at the MGH clinic to celebrate the accomplishments of The Neighborhood Developers and the Revere community in 2011 and to begin planning activities for 2012.

The meeting began with each person introducing themselves and passing around the ‘gift’ of what they value most about their neighborhood. Techrosette Leng, a TND board member, gave the gift of accessibility in the broadest sense. She described the neighborhood as affordable, public transit friendly, and welcoming of its diverse population. Many people agreed that the community’s diversity is very valuable to them. Carlos Robles, a Revere High School student, said that he most appreciates his relationships with the younger children in the neighborhood.

Following the introductions, TND’s Revere Community Engagement Associate Rachel Meketon described the accomplishments from 2011: free tax preparation for 181 Revere residents, the construction of two affordable apartment buildings, the community-led design and construction of Costa Park, and a well-attended NeighborCircle training.

Several youth were awarded certificates for community leadership to honor the many hours that they volunteered to help plan and prepare for the Costa Park playground build. And one adult neighbor, Sitchan Cheth, received the same leadership award for his stewardship of the Park, where he collects litter on a regular basis, thus helping to maintain a clean and safe place for local children to play.

The large group separated into smaller groups to discuss and brainstorm goals and activities for 2012. As a result, the Committee’s four major goals are to:

–          Bring diverse people together and improve communication between neighbors

–          Create more activities and find a space for youth

–          Clean and beautify public spaces

–          Improve safety by addressing violence and crime

For the full summary of goals and activities in 2012, download this The RCC’s Goals and Activities for 2012.


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