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Revere Community Committee – Meeting Minutes – 1/18/12

Meeting Agenda:

  1. Introductions and Ice Breaker
  2. Review Goals and Activities from December RCC Meeting
  3. Sticker Vote and Discussion
  4. Calendar and Sign-Up’s


Alma Couverthie (CND staff), Carol Tye, Cate Blackford, Christine Pierannunzi, Darcie Edness, Elena Robles, Ina Tall, Ira Novoselsky, Kathleen Heiser, Kitty Bowman, Rachel Meketon (CND staff), Sylvia Chiang, and Techrosette Leng (CND board member).

Goal: Bring diverse people together and improve communication between neighbors.

              7 stickers for ‘Plan year-round events and programs that encourage interaction.’

Alma: We will be doing this as we complete our other goals.

Goal: Improve safety by addressing violence and crime.

                1 sticker for ‘Install lighting and cameras.’

               2 stickers for ‘Collaborate with RPD to improve relationships with community members, increase police presence, and establish neighborhood watch groups.’

Darcie: With cameras we prevented drug abuse and prostitution from happening near our apartment building. We could place dummy cameras and signs in dangerous areas. Local businesses have signs about cameras, and it seems to work, whether it’s true or not.

Ira: A young man is trying to start a crime watch after another youth attempted to steal a woman’s purse.

Ina: We should address issues of prostitution on Revere Beach.

              Darcie: It may be drug activity, not prostitution.

              Ina: Address illicit activity at the beach.

Kitty: Revere Cares focuses on drug and alcohol prevention and works with the police.

Alma: We can offer support to the efforts of Revere Cares.

Kitty: The two organizations can co-lead a meeting and reach out together to the Shirley Avenue neighborhood, so that we’re not doubling the work.

Goal: Clean and beautify public spaces.

                1.5 stickers for ‘Address littering and dumping.’

                7.5 stickers for ‘Plan regular clean-up’s.’

                1.5 stickers for ‘Plant trees, bushes, flowers.’

                5.5 stickers for ‘Create a community garden.’

Chris: Plan mini-events with clean-up’s that we can organize quickly. Elena and I would like to get a group together to do different small sections in the neighborhood that need attention.

Elena: Add an educational component. Can we go to the schools?

Kathleen: The Beachmont Improvement Committee plans two major clean-up’s per year. The Beachmont Committee places flyers in everyone’s door. The volunteers bring rakes. The trash bags and gloves are provided. We only get a small turn-out. We always wear the same color shirt and post signs so that people know who we are. At the end of the clean-up, the DPW comes to pick up the trash bags from us. We need to make sure that there’s a way to dispose of the trash and weeds. This is also an opportunity to get small businesses involved. An insurance company has donated brooms, rakes, and trash cans.

Ira: We did a similar clean-up in October.

Alma: We could do something on Earth Day. We can begin the education process now, go to different organizations around the city, and use the big day to recruit people. And afterwards we can do follow-up and maintenance.

Ira: We can do it as part of a tree-planting on Nahant and Walden. CND and the City are planning to put in twenty-four trees this Spring.

Kitty: The adopt-a-park program could participate in Earth Day.

Cate: Did Mayor Rizzo plan a clean-up day in Revere this past year?

                Chris: The Revere Beautification Committee planned it with the city councilors leading efforts in their districts.

Kathleen: If we’re going to get the schools involved, then we have to put a packet together and submit it to Dr. Dakin. We have to give him the full plan well ahead of time. And, RHS students might be interested in this as a part of their community service work. Though the students that helped us in Beachmont were so excited that they stopped caring about the hours.

Ira: We could also involve the Future Teachers Club and Nancy Barile.

Kitty: And we can involve local corporations. The MGH and the credit union can take sections of Shirley Avenue. Other small businesses could come out with their employees.

Alma: The Timberland factory in Connecticut brings employees out to volunteer and turn spaces around.

                Cate: Maybe they could help to turn the Walnut/Kimball space into a community garden.

Alma: We can also get in touch with the Smart Growth Initiative. I know the director.

Ira: It seems like everyone’s #1 goal is to dress up the neighborhood.

Kathleen: We should include the new mayor and get his support. We can pursue this city-wide.

Goal: Create more activities and find a space for youth.

                6 stickers for ‘Create a youth center.’

                1 sticker for ‘Begin programs like dance teams, athletics, and allow youth to lead youth.’

Alma: I think that we should bring youth together to figure out what sort of place they would want.

Kathleen: And we should get kids involved in things that we already have. The schools have all kinds of programs. The high school has a dance group. And the elementary schools are open until 6 PM anyway, so it wouldn’t be a stretch for the school to give them some space.

Kitty: We’re getting everyone involved through the Revere after-school partnership. This year we started working with the middle school and high school. We’re trying to capture the success and build from it.

Kathleen: I think that what the youth need and don’t necessarily have is a place to hang out and study, a location that’s safe and allows them to gather.

                 Kitty: Yes, they have activities, but they need a place to drop in and hang.

Kathleen: At my school, they use the Wii in their after-school program. It keeps kids moving and exercising. And they’re not on the street or latch-key children. We can pool money to get something like that.

Alma: We can also invite other youth groups in the area that have been successful, to get an idea of what can be done. We can take the youth to visit youth centers in other communities.

                 Tech: Have you heard of ‘Know What’s Up’? It’s youth-led high school age organizing in East Boston. They do a lot of events with musical    performances. I have a contact there.

                 Alma: So we have Roca and East Boston. That’s two places that we can take youth.

Kitty: We don’t have any plans for seniors. How do we engage them?


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